Core Elements of Success in OVC Care: Benchmark Practices for Improving Outcomes of Children Together

An evidence-based self-assessment tool focused on 21 key areas that impact quality of care.

The “Core Elements” tool distills much of today’s best global OVC guidance, refined with input from NGOs, field experts, and other leaders. It will give you a snapshot of your program’s strengths and opportunities for growth, ensuring you can do the very best for vulnerable children and families.


We are on a journey of learning how to better serve children and families... together.

Taking the Core Elements Self-Assessment provides opportunities to:


Get a swift, customized review of program strengths and opportunities.


Use the accompanying tools to improve areas for growth to do better for kids and families.


Share results with donors and other stakeholders to show what is working and ask for help to improve what is not.


Customized Evaluation Plan & Report

This free assessment will help organizations by offering leaders a clearer picture of their program strengths and identify opportunities for growth.

FREE Ongoing Training and Resources Specific to Your Results

After taking the self-assessment, you will receive immediate feedback with FREE training in any of the modules to meet your goals.

Year-over-Year Data to Help Track Your Program’s Successes

Taking this assessment annually, you can track your data and clearly communicate with donors and potential partners, outlining both special strengths as well as areas for high-potential growth.

The Core Elements is for your program if...

You serve children and/or families
You are engaged in an international context
You want to know your program is effective, rather than just hope it is
You want to learn HOW to improve



The Self-Assessment takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

This tool is for any program serving vulnerable children in a non-U.S. context.


Before you begin, you will want to gather the following materials (if available):

  • A copy of your employee handbook
  • A copy of your Child Protection Policy
  • A copy of your Code of Conduct
  • A copy of your organization’s most recent annual report
  • A copy of your Board of Directors handbook

Then you will take the Self-Assessment, get a printable PDF of your responses and the accompanying toolkit, and have the opportunity to explore tools that can help you apply your learning.

Yes! When you click on the link to the Self-Assessment, there will be a drop-down box on the top right-hand corner. Click the arrow and select Spanish to take the Assessment in Spanish.

The Spanish Training Modules are currently in development but will also be available soon.

The principles and questions contained in the Core Elements were distilled from more than 300 pages of research and global guidance, and were refined with the input of more than 40 organizations serving vulnerable children and families around the world. The Self-Assessment is under continual revision, so be sure to leave feedback.